Frequently Asked Questions About Storage

We are proud of our clean, well maintained, and secure facilities which are always located on major highways in convenient, highly visible retail shopping areas. Our goal is, and always has been, to give our customers the very best in service, convenience, professionalism and quality storage available in the market today. We pride ourselves on being the best and the nicest in town! Our goal is to constantly improve our business so we can improve your storage experience!

Does anyone else have access to my unit?

NO! You store it! You lock it! You keep the key! We are proud to offer the highest security on our properties available in the industry today. Many of our locations use Cylinder Locks that avoid nearly all of the dangers associated with standard pad and disc locks.

What kind of security do you provide?

Our Computerized Gate Access System only allows only authorized people in the secured areas of the property. All of our locations are completely fenced, fully lit and most have video surveillance cameras.

What are heated and cooled units?

This allows your items to be stored as if they were still inside your home or office. All of our interior units provide a much higher quality of storage than your shed or attic might. Using Heated & Cooled is almost like leaving your items in your living room!

At what temperature do you maintain the climate controlled units?

60-80 Degrees is the standard temperature range.  This standard range may vary greatly from day to day and is not a guaranteed figure that may relied upon. If you require guaranteed temperature ranges, please speak with the site manager. However, we do not offer these services and are not liable for any and all damages your goods may suffer.

I have nice things to store, but I am very cost conscious. Is there a unit type that would work for me?

We have just the spaces for you! We offer Interior Standard Units with most of benefits of Heated & Cooled but at a much lower rate. All interior units are behind exterior, insulated walls with weather sealed, recessed doors that help to prevent the rapid temperature changes that can damage furniture and other stored items. Also, having the sealed structure with insulated walls prevents most of the bugs, dirt and debris that often gather inside many storage units. Ask about Interior Standard Units when you call in today!

Do you have locks and moving supplies available?

Yes! Our prices even beat the big box stores in most areas!

What type of payments do you accept?

We accept all forms of payment, including cash, checks, Mastercard®, Visa®, Discover®, or American Express® and we can even bill your credit or debit card automatically each month, if you wish. Most locations even accept online payments and eChecks.

Do I get a discount if I commit to a longer stay?

Talk to your store about long term discounts.

Storage Tips

Preparing Items for Storage

  • Place all smaller items in uniformly sized boxes. Completely fill each box with heavier items on the bottom and lighter items on the top. Uniformly sized boxes stack easier and conserve storage space.
  • Books. Pack books flat, not standing on end. This will protect the spines which will bend and warp over time if stood upright. Books are very heavy, so pack them in small boxes and don’t put them in boxes with other, more fragile, items.
  • Lawn Mowers. Drain gasoline and oil from all small engines. This precaution will protect both your stored property and the property of others from the dangers of fire and explosion.
  • Mattresses. Place mattresses in plastic covers to protect them from dust and moisture.
  • Leather Items. Treat leather items (couches, clothes, etc.) with a leather conditioner prior to storing them. Keep furniture items off the floor by placing them on pallets.
  • Blankets, Draperies and Clothing. Have blankets, draperies and clothing cleaned, then pack them on hangers in wardrobe boxes.
  • Mirrors and Pictures. Store mirrors and pictures inside similarly sized knocked down boxes. This affords them protection from scratches and dust.
  • Furniture and Tables. Place blankets over furniture to protect from scratches and dust. Keep furniture items off the floor by placing them on pallets.
  • Photos. Photographs tend to curl over time. To keep them flat, place between pieces of cardboard and tape them together. Do not store irreplaceable photos. Photos and negatives take up very little space. Try to keep these items with you.
  • Breakable Items. Wrap breakable items inside bubble wrap and store with linens.
  • Dishes and Glassware. Store these items in specially made boxes called dishpacks.
  • Pillows and Toys. Store smaller items like this in large plastic garbage bags.
  • Label boxed items. You’ll know what is in each box without opening it.
  • Appliances. Clean and dry all appliances prior to storage. Do not leave anything inside of appliances to be stored. Store all appliances upright with doors ajar to allow ventilation.

Do not store these items

Furs, jewelry and other expensive items, irreplaceable items, any living thing, firearms, explosives, flammables of any kind (gas, diesel, oil, paint, etc.), drugs or drug paraphernalia, stolen items, any type of hazardous items, perishable items of any kind, hazardous waste materials of any kind, items that produce odors or any item that will in any way make other tenants or the manager unhappy.

  • Do not use sealed plastic bags to cover or wrap your belongings. It retains moisture. Using plastic sheeting to drap your items is typically ok and may help to prevent dust & dirt.
  • Do not store any food items. This will prevent any unwanted guests.
  • Do not pack your boxes so that they are too heavy to carry them. Especially when you are packing books.
  • Do not assume that your homeowners or renters insurance will cover your belongings while in storage. Purchase the insurance.
  • Do not give out your password, gate code or any information to any one that is not listed as having access.
  • Do not use printed newspaper for wrapping. The ink may smudge and get on your items.
  • Do not forget to clean appliances before you store them.
  • Do not store any toxins or flammables such as paint, oil, or gasoline.

Organizing your Storage Unit

  • Use a high quality disc (round) padlock to secure your storage unit. This type of lock is difficult to cut or break and offers maximum protection for very little money. Most companies will give you a lock for free.
  • Keep out of season clothes accessible, you may have your belongings in storage longer than anticipated.
  • Be aware of your surroundings when you are in your unit. If you see a potential problem or anything suspicious alert the manager.
  • If it is possible store couches on end. Stack chairs seat to seat. Use the inside of appliances and drawers to store smaller items. When stacking furniture use paper pads in between the items to avoid scratching.
  • Disassemble items such as tables, bed frames, etc. This will save space. Wrap and label all pieces for an easier time when you have to reassemble them. Put all hardware in bags and mark the bags accordingly.
  • When you disassemble electronics, such as computers, stereos, things that have numerous cords, place small colored stickers on the cord and the same color sticker where the cord goes. This will save you the hassle of trying to figure out what goes where when it comes time to reassemble your electronics. If possible, use the original boxes to store your electronics and other items.
  • Sealable Plastic containers are great to store your items. They have tight fitting lids and stack easily. Keep the more valuable items in the rear of the unit. This will prevent others from seeing them when you are in your unit.
  • Utilize all the space in your unit. Make a plan as to how you are going to arrange your items. A good plan will save you the time of having to rearrange your unit. Leave an aisle in the center of your unit so that you have a walk way to the back of the unit.
  • Use freestanding shelves to help organize your unit.
  • Store items that will not be needed to the rear of the storage unit and items you will need access to toward the front of the unit.
  • Store heavy items on the bottom and lightweight items on top.
  • Store smaller, more valuable items to the rear of the storage unit and large items toward the front of the unit.
  • Label the boxes on all six sides and keep a list for easy reference. This will save you time if you have to look for something in particular.
  • When packing boxes fill them without making them too heavy to lift.
  • Always put the heavier boxes on the bottom and the lighter ones on top of the heavier ones. This will prevent boxes from being crushed.
  • Keep boxes off the floor.
  • Store mirrors and paintings on end, not flat. Pack books flat to protect their spines.
  • Clothing and draperies should be stored in wardrobe boxes, on hangers, to retain their original shapes.
    Be sure to check your unit once a month.

Packing to Protect

  • Purchase the insurance. If your belongings are worth storing, they are worth insuring.
  • Use wooden pallets or boards underneath furniture and boxes. This will prevent condensation from damaging them.
  • Leave a small airspace between your stored items and the wall of the storage unit for ventilation.
  • Make sure that all appliances are clean and dry before storing them. Leave appliances slightly ajar to prevent mildew.
  • To prevent rusting rub a small amount of machine oil on metal tools, bicycles, and equipment. Drain and clean all debris from all equipment before you store them.
  • When wrapping collectibles or anything breakable, tape it after you wrap it. This should avoid mistaking them for excess paper to fill the box. Use bubble wrap or unprinted paper to wrap breakables.
  • Group similar items together and mark the boxes accordingly.
  • Pack your storage unit as tightly as possible. Tighter packing helps to protect stored items from moisture and dust and reduces the space needed to store you property.
  • Cover everything with plastic sheeting. Wooden furniture should first be covered with blankets to avoid abrasion and moisture damage. Plastic sheeting will protect your stored goods from both dust and water damage. Sealing the plastic around your items can cause damage (mold & mildew) in some climates and is not typically advised.
  • Store mattresses and box springs on long edges. Wrap for protection and elevate off the floor. Use two to three 2 x 4′s cut to 1 foot long.
  • Make sure all furniture, mainly couches, stuffed chairs and loveseats, are very clean and free of food debris, as this attracts bugs and other vermin.

Moving Tips

  • Cancel all utilities at old home
  • Make arrangements to ensure all utilities will be on when you arrive at your destination (water, wastewater, cable, electric, Internet, etc.)
  • Inform proper authorities of change of address e.g. Postal Service, Bank, Credit Card companies.
  • Fill out an IRS change of address form
  • Have school and medical records transferred if required
  • Prepare all major appliances for move i.e. clean, defrost etc.
  • Place baking soda in the refrigerator to absorb all moisture
  • Ensure all valuables are covered by insurance
  • Have all important documents easily available, school records, insurance etc…
  • Find out about auto licensing at your new destination
  • Remember what ever is loaded first onto a movers truck will be last off, so plan accordingly.
  • Keep in touch with your destination to ensure you become aware of any problems that will affect your move
  • Ensure you have adequate storage for any items you may wish to store.

Properly stored items will hold up much better in storage than items not stored properly.

Features & Benefits

Modern State-Of-The-Art Facilities

We are proud of our clean, well maintained, and secure state-of-the-art facilities which are always located on major highways in convenient, highly visible retail shopping areas.

Wide Paved Driveways With Drive-to-your-Door Access*

Extra-Wide, Paved Driveways With Drive-To-Your-Door Access – Perfect for Big Truck and Commercial Deliveries. You will love our wide asphalt driveways and entrances for easy maneuvering of trucks or trailers and nothing beats the convenience of driving right to the door of your storage unit to unload.

Month to Month Rentals with No Deposit Required

Come in today and rent your space on a month to month basis with NO DEPOSIT required. You are not locked into ANY long term contract! You can leave at any time! Perfect for new home or office construction without varying deadlines! Need a little extra space after Christmas? Need a place to store an entire estate? For Spring Cleaning? Staging a Home for Sale? Or do you just have too much stuff?

Camera Surveillance

All of our stores are state-of-the-art storage facilities. A video surveillance system monitors the facility, and access to the grounds is limited to authorized people only by a computer controlled gate system. All activity on the property and all traffic through the gate is monitored and recorded for your security. We are determined when it come to the safety of your storage space on our properties. We even have nearly every isle and most hallways monitored by cameras.

24 Hour Access Through Our Computer Controlled Gate System

Not sure when you will arrive? Not sure what you’ll need or when? Do you need to make drops at all hours of the day or night? Access your space 24/7/365. We can also track all activity on the property and all traffic through the gate is monitored and recorded for your security – this is great for businesses that need to set up multiple employees and be able to track their access to the storage space. We are determined when it come to the safety of your storage space on our properties. We even have nearly every isle and most hallways monitored by cameras. Our Computer Controlled Gate System limits access to the grounds to authorized people only to keep your items safe and secure.

Free Professional Pest Control

Included as a FREE service is our daily pest control policies and standards. Every new unit is swept, baited for vermin, sprayed for insects and secured just for you! Our goal is give you a space that is cleaner than even your own home!

Many Sizes To Choose From

We have a variety sizes so there’s one just right for you. Not all sizes available at each location.

Personal, Household & Commercial Storage

Personal Household Storage – We specialize in serving residential customers. Our stores are always near where you work, live and play. Our job is to be there for you when you need us with EVERYTHING that you could need for your moving or storage experience. This is why we offer ALL the features we do and why we go to such great lengths to make your storage experience the best it can be. We want to be your first, last and only storage choice and we want you to tell everyone about your great experience! (referral coupon link – underlined area)

Commercial Storage – Let us be your warehouse! We are your low cost alternative to expensive commercial, retail, or office space for storing inventory, records, files, or equipment. We are a perfect compliment to your business. You can access your space 24/7. Your inventory or records are secured from anything at your office – great for active or retired doctors, lawyers or other professionals that are required to keep records.

Friendly Professional Resident Managers*

When you need a storage unit, the last thing you have time for is to try and run the owner down or play phone tag because they run it as a secondary business; with no on-site personnel. Storage is our primary and only business. Therefore, our facilities have an office with a Full Time On-Site Resident Manager on the premises whose only job is to service you!

Our Resident Managers can see nearly the entire property from their window which allows them to watch traffic flows, monitor customer activity and respond to a variety of situations. They are able to respond quickly, effectively and professional to all emergencies and issues on the property with a speed that can not be matched by non-resident locations.

They keep the entire location clean, neat and secure for you! They will give you a fully tour of the property on the locations golf cart and show you all the security and convenience features that we building into every one of our stores. They will professionally assist you in selecting the size and type that is just right for your needs.

Deliveries accepted at NO extra charge – Commercial and Residential*

Are you having your household or commercial inventory shipped from overseas or across the country? Will you not be available to accept the delivery? We will facilitate and accept these shipments at no additional charge. (must be during business hours – services do not include any actual moving activities, only the facilitation of such activities – services are not intended to assume any liability or responsibility for the goods being delivered, all such liability or responsibly will remain with shipping agent)

Single Story Location (NO Elevators)

All of our stores are single story and design to get you right to you door. Most units can be backed up to by most vehicles currently in use. Even our interior units generally have a maximum distance of 50 feet from vehicle to space.

Speaker Systems and Call Boxes*

Some properties have multiple call boxes throughout the property to allow you to speak with a manager without going to the office. We have also wired most of our locations for sound, both outside and inside. With this system, we can communicate with our customers and play music 24/7. Again, our goal is the make your storage experience as pleasant as possible.

Fully Fenced

Every Store is fully fenced or secured. We do not believe in the old “it’s a safe location” attitude. We take every measure to keep people our and your storage space secure!

Most of our locations are built in a “Fortress Style.” Just like medieval castles, our properties are completely enclosed by 15 to 20 foot high walls with towers all over the property. Even the managers house is higher than anything else on the property; allowing them to survey their entire “kingdom” at a glance from their window. We even have a couple locations with moats all around!

Fully Lighted

Every property we manage is completely lighted at all times. Whether your schedule has you moving in at noon or midnight, you will ALWAYS be able to see what you are doing and see what is going on around you. Most of our isles have dozens of lights that shine directly on your goods. These lights are specially designed not to cast off light into the community around our store and yet provide a well lit, secure area for our customers.

Free up office for actual work – put your space back to work for you!

Our locations are close to your store and easy to access, day or night. Whether it be a quick trip during the day, a large delivery, or a major pickup – we’re right around the corner.

Personalized access codes allow us to track who enters the property.

In a bad location? Worried about theft? Not enough space? Secure high value or important goods away from your store front – no one knows you have the storage!

Long Term Parking for Vehicles – Both Indoor and Outdoor

Do you need somewhere safe to store your auto, boat, RV, or camper? At Monster Self Storage & Carolina Self Storage we have indoor and outdoor storage options available. It does not matter for how short or how long a period of time you need it, we’ve got it. Covered, Uncovered, Indoor, Outdoor, Grass, Pavement, Concrete Parking Areas – you name it, we offer it!

*Available at Participating Locations

See What Fits


This size yields 25 square feet of space, although these 5×5 units are small it is an excellent destination to house all the extra items you have accumulated like garden tools, seasonal items, supplies for office or just a bunch of boxes.


This size yields a total of 50 square feet of space, perfect for storing an entire bedroom or office. Want to remodel a room or office? Now you have the space to place all the contents instead of clogging up your other rooms during construction!






You just bought a new house and need to move out of your small apartment. Problem is the house needs more time to finish building! This 100 square foot unit should hold all your items. It is ideal for storing an entire living room and two full bedrooms.


If you need to store an entire home, let us say around 5 bedrooms, then this is the space for you. This 10 x 20 unit can store all the larger items you need stored like washers, dryers and refrigerators.




Serious storage users need only apply when it comes to this unit. A whopping 300 square feet of space is the ideal solution for storing your 5 to 7 bedroom house. Can easily hold entertainment centers, refrigerators, beds, couches and depending on how high you stack it and aisle space allotment even much more!

Boxes and Supplies at Wholesale Prices

We offer a full line of boxes and moving supplies at wholesale prices. We have boxes of all sizes including specialty boxes for dishes and glassware, electronics, mirrors/pictures and wardrobe boxes. We also carry tape, wrapping paper, foam peanuts, bubble wrap, foam wrap, mattress bags of every size, markers, humidity absorbers, rope, bungee cords, and an assortment of dish and glass packing kits for your convenience.